About Us

Goody welding in action!

Swiss Metal Works is the business of Jakob Gutknecht, AKA “Goody” .

Goody has worked with metal in Zurich, Switzerland since 1996.

His work has been exposed all through out Switzerland. He has constructed everything from stair railings, balconies, custom window frames, combined glass and metal fences, plant potters, trellises, furniture, and even picture frames. Some of his most notable work consists of constructing a 51-foot rolling gate at the Zurich central train station and the living design at the first class lounge in the Geneva airport. Here in Arizona, he has already made his mark. You will find wrap-a-round fences to scroll gates, colossal stairs, design furniture, garden benches and more!

Experience the European beauty with Swiss Metal Works in your own back yard or in the surroundings of your own home or business!

  1. Presto mis servicios para trabajar en su emplesa

  2. I took some server components to Goody that I wanted turned into some type of trophy for a client who I had done business with for years. Good was fantastic and customized a piece of art out of the components. I’m very pleased to providing this presentation to my customer. Thank you Goody!

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