TaSen Buddha Art

Shana2DSC_0086     DSC_0116



2222 N. 16TH STREET

Check out the (TaSen Gallery Space for Rent) for your spiritual needs!

Hours vary daily as I’m generally at the metal shop 2 minutes away – please call if you would like to view the art in the gallery: 602-570-6266

TaSen Buddha Art is an art line from Swiss Metal Works’ artist, Shana Bell.  Inspired by the healing technique of Thai Massage and the Sen energy lines, Shana honors the Buddha within us all. Why Buddha Art?

IMG_8111If you are interested in purchasing an item, send us an email (shana@swissmetalworks.com) or call (602 570-6266) to schedule a time to view our showroom of products. If you see something, but would like it altered, Shana would be happy to reconstruct the item to fit your custom needs.

Blessings of the TaSen Buddha Art by two Thai Master Monks – Read the Story!

_DSC8767 copy3′ x 5′ Buddha Temple $1000 DSC_0016      3′ x 5′ Buddha  Sold IMG_7073Buddha Round 3.5′ Sold
DSC_0072       Two Buddha Elite Sold _DSC8753 copy     3 Buddha Elite Sold Golden Buddha       Large Buddha  Sold
DSC_0098           Candles $40-$90 DSC_0103  Mountain Buddha $80 DSC_0121        Candle Sconce $200
DSC_0009              Monks  Sold _DSC8751 copy      Three Buddhas Sold DSC_0012          Two Buddhas Sold
DSC_0128         Single Buddha $150 DSC_0076         Single Buddha Sold DSC_0080          Buddha Mesh $125
Four Buddhas on Metal          Four Buddhas $85 Four Buddhas on Metal 2      Four Buddhas $85 DSC_0008              Om Art $90
DSC_0108          Single Buddhas $45 Monk1           Single Monk $55 DSC_0014              Om Art Sold
DSC_0010         Three Buddhas Sold _DSC8759 copy     Three Buddhas Sold DSC_0005      Lucky Buddha Sm $25
IMG_7306        Single Buddha $35 DSC_0219Framed Buddha Large: $115 DSC_0125 Hanging Candle Buddha Sold
DSC_0083     Two Buddhas Sm $35 DSC_0105       Two Buddhas $150 DSC_0248           5 Sadhanas $150
Buddha Raw Art Showcase3       Karma Buddha  $650 Buddha Raw Art Showcase2          Buddha $650 DSC_0261         Plasma 1Buddha $650
IMG_8848        Feeling Buddha $300 Buddha Raw Art Showcase1 Conscientious Buddha $150 DSC_0223    Sensation Buddha $400
IMG_8903          Plasma 5 Buddha  $65 IMG_8905    Plasma 6 Buddha  $105 DSC_0090         Plasma Buddha $105
DSC_0196  Meditation: 3 Buddhas $250 Version 2      Church Buddha $150 DSC_0234   3 Buddhas on Mesh $65
IMG_8918       Plasma 3 Buddha $95 IMG_8916       Plasma 4 Buddha $95 DSC_0254          Chakra Buddha $150
IMG_8912 Compassion: 5 Buddhas $250 DSC_0250  5 Sadhanas on Metal $450 DSC_0074           Awakening $120
DSC_0116      Copper on Metal Sold DSC_0218     4 Corner Copper $135 IMG_8873     Copper Reflection $250
DSC_0079        Copper Buddha $130 IMG_8554         Cooper on Wood Sold Version 2         Large Copper $150
IMG_8914   Framed Buddha Med $95 DSC_0258          Awakened $300 DSC_0113        Metal Buddha $100
IMG_8911     Enlightened Being $500 _DSC4147          3 Buddhas $500 DSC_0245  Solitary Realizer $600
Version 2       Monk on Metal $150 DSC_0100     4  Corner Buddha $90 DSC_0232      Monk on Wood $200
img_9741              Om Sold img_9738 Glass Buddha Lg $280 img_9739 Glass Buddha Sm $210
_DSC4082             Na Sa Ri Ti _DSC4079             Na Sa Ri Ti _DSC4068 copy               Na Sa Ri Ti

3 Copper Buddha $195


Copper Buddha Sm $65

img_0897   Copper Buddha $175
img_0890Copper Buddha Sm $45 img_0892       Buddhas Pair $75
img_0894         Om Lg $150 img_0893           Om Med $110 img_0891              Om Sm $45

Two Buddha Heart Sold

img_0874  img_0863
img_9727      TaSen Art Gallery  img_9777     TaSen Art Gallery img_9728      Planter Table $150

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