Swiss Metal Works – Your Place for Functional Metal Art

Swiss Metal Works, formerly known for its high quality custom metal work, has now shifted focus.

We are concentrating on products which are created and developed by us. Our Custom metal work is now geared towards functional art. If we (you and SMW) see a vision for your project, we will gladly support you in creating  your unique piece . “Gut Ding will Weile haben” i.e. “Great things take patience and time to ripen”… this German proverb is used to define a process where one reaches a terrific result with much effort, a great amount of work and patience. We consider this to be our core philosophy and believe that rushing will only do harm to the outcome.



2345 N 10th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006


  1. Help with gates and doors exterior at my apartment complex 3101 N. 32nd St., Phoenix 76 units 602-692-6313 thank you

  2. I would like to build a 10′ driveway gate and a small porch wall out of metal. I have the basic design idea. Is this something you might like to talk about? Thanks. TGSwann

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