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Swiss Metal Works are experts at realizing metal and wood projects of many kinds. Such as Gates, Railings, Prototypes, Furniture, Stairs, Decks, Repairs und more. Take advantage of our free estimates and 3D drawings that come with every project.

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Visit the “Werkstatt/Büro” at 2345 N 10th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006

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Coral building steel planter pots that create an outdoor showroom for outodoor furniture company. Steel planter boxes are sided with 3" wood slats that run horizontally. Wood has a teak wood look. Product name of wood is Lignia.
Alley steel gate, power coated black with 2" cedar, teak, Lignia fencing slats. Handle lock and deadbolt lock.
Picture of a modern steel fence that has ocotillo shaped steel forms welded to the front. Dusty ground next to brick-wall house in Coronado, AZ neighborhood
Picture of a rusty, raw steel double gate, constructed with 3" by 1.5" rectangular steel tubing welded to a grid with roughly 9" openings.
Monochrome color tone picture of a blacksmith rose with a leather background
Detail of steel fence and gate with curved steel shaped sheet metal panels that are blackened with super blue bluing liquid. Trees and house roof in the background.
Fence detail of perforated steel sheet in the foreground and historic brick wall house with green-white shade canopies in the background
Arizona Cactus from Northern Park in Phoenix, AZ, wearing pink sunglasses
Weaved raw steel fence with gate. Built with various width steel sheets that are weaved in and out of round steel tube posts.
Picture of a hanging, grey, gray steel frame that is used to stretch a 20' by 8' shade cloth over the main entrance of a Scottsdale, AZ mansion, attached to a rusty, raw steel wall. Pavers and zero landscape that build the surroundings of a blue painted house wall.
Detail photo of a raw, rusted steel fence and gate with rusted square tubes that are capped with steel plates that create the fence.
Detail picture of a rusted steel corner detail from a steel gate composition .
Detail picture of an ocotillo cut out in a raw steel fence, situated in the Coronado, AZ Neighborhood. Phoenix
Artistic steel fence and gate detail with bent 1/2" square tubing in the Coronado, AZ neighborhood
Concept sketch of a fence and gate that uses bent 1/2" steel tubing that are roughly 3" - 4" apart.
Round bar, raw steel handle for sliding gate in the Coronado, AZ neighborhood.
Picture of a square steel firepit in the foreground of a 12 foot by 12 foot tall raw, rusty steel wall.
Curved steel stair with antrazite color tone, Wood step insets and railing, going from first to second floor in a cabin in Crown King AZ.
Rusted steel gate with wood handle, textured green glass insert in leaf shaped metal cut out.