Monk Ceremony of the Blessing of TaSen Buddha Art

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Blessings of the TaSen Buddha Art by two Thai Master Monks

Master B and Master Van

Each TaSen Buddha Art piece is blessed by two special Thai Monks, Master Van and Mater B. The pieces are blessed with the healing waters brought in by the two Buddhist monks during a ceremony in which they performed. They meditated on healing energies and gave their prayer to send compassion, health and prosperity with each piece. By purchasing TaSen Buddha art, may compassion and health be with you. I will also donate part of the sales profit to the Thai Buddhist Temple in Thong Thani Roi Et, Thailand for the monks in honor of their compassion and healing nature.

Why Buddha Art?

If you are interested in purchasing an item, send us an email ( or call (602 570-6266) to schedule a time to view our showroom of products. If you see something, but would like it altered, Shana would be happy to reconstruct the item to fit your custom needs.


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